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Florence And The Machine Dog Days Are Over

When we found out that Youtuber sensation PewDiePie was going to be releasing a book, we weren't sure what to expect. That was probably for the best because you should never try to second-guess what this man will do next. For example, this face:


The book is quite possibly the most #random thing you'll ever read. Needless to say, it's amazing. You'll learn a lot too, as this picture demonstrates: 


Our main man Liam Dryden had a chat with PewDiePie about unicorns, pizza and other *very* important subjects in the video below. Take a look and make sure you grab a copy of his book "This Book Loves You". It's out now!


PopBuzz Meets PewDiePie!


Watch PewdiePie gives us the most bizarre but amazing life advice.


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