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Hannah Hart Carrot Onesie

You might know Hannah Hart as the witty YouTube personality whose love of food very nearly rivals her love of drinking. There are so many times we've watched her videos and thought, 'yup! That's exactly what I would have done/said'. 

We've related to her on so many levels, you could almost say that she is a part of our soul--and yours too!  

1) We very occasionally just don't care. 


2) We also know the importance of dressing and acting casual. 


3) We're all party girls, naturally. 


4) #pungoals 


5) She is occasionally struck by moments of laziness.

6) And the dance moves. The sheer skill is just us in a nutshell.

7) When the drink hits us, our face does this too.

8) Did we mention the dance moves? 


9) She has #squadgoals down to a science.


10) And, well, you know...


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