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While we're not against YouTube challenges (in our defence, we think THIS is a worthy piece of performance art), some honestly deserve to never be seen again. Here is our final verdict on the YouTube challenges of 2015 that need to be wiped from our memory before we wake up on January 1st 2016. 

The Big Mouth Challenge

First of all, why? Second of all, DRIBBLE! Third of all, we had to exit the tab because it was so disgusting. Please don't try and make this happen in 2016. If it does happen, we guarantee that we'll be writing to the villainous YouTube Challenge master, Mr Joseph Sugg personally!

Stuff Your Mouth Challenge

There's a trend emerging here, isn't there? For the sake of creativity, let's just all stop stuffing things in our mouths in 2016.

Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

As of time of publication, we're hereby placing an official ban on all food related YouTube challenges in 2016.

The Fireworks War Challenge

MUGGLES SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO ENGAGE IN WIZARDING BATTLES! This one needs to evaporate... Sadly, we don't see the trend in dangerous and stupid YouTube challenges slowing down in 2016. 

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge 

Even though this spawned some of the greatest parody videos known to man (re: GloZell) this one officially needs to be dead and buried before we wake up on January 1st or there'll be HELL. TO. PAY!



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