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Halloween Make up

With Halloween looming, have you spent ages figuring out your costume? Let’s be honest: you’re scrambling to put together something last minute and not be a sexy cat or “God”, right? 

Enter, then, YouTube makeup tutorials. Ten minutes, an urban decay palette and some imagination, and you too could be the Queen of Hearts, the Joker, a melting Barbie – basically be on fleekest.

Yeah, no. Imagine your ideal Halloween look… now please get back to reality.

At first, you feel confident - you totally could pull off a full FX look!

Pro tip: lower expectations.

You could go for something more classic - skull makeup!


Maybe a sugar skull? You wouldn't even have to do your whole face...

Not. A. Chance. 

Why not go with the trend? A comic book look shouldn't be too hard.

THIS is why not. 

A doll! There is absolutely no way to f*ck up this one, right?

Of course there is.  

And oh, the many other pitfalls of makeup tutorials...

Well, looks like it's back to the original plan.

Happy Halloween, crew.


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