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Image of a tomb stone on bubble wrap

It's with a heavy heart and darkness in our souls that we bring you the most tragic of news. Bubble wrap will be no more. 

The sad news broke on 1 July that Sealed Air Corp, the company behind this iconic packaging, announced that they were re-vamping their range of protective poppers. 

Dubbed the 'iBubble', this new packaging no longer consists of individual bubbles, instead relying on one long chamber of air. Now, rather than popping, the air will just pass into another chamber. 

This means that the most satisfying and life defining pops when you burst those individual bubbles will soon be a distant memory. 

Obviously, this news has hit fans of the original bubble wrap hard, with some taking to social media to voice their upset, utilising the hashtag #savebubblewrap. 

To pay homage to this iconic, legendary and much loved popping packaging here are some of its best moments...

That time this dog got it's life from it.

The one with the bubble wrap :( 

When this racoon realised it had just found heaven with it.

These 'dudes' fighting with it and just having the best time. 

When TatcherJoe proved that you can do anything while wearing bubble wrap, including eating your cereal. 

This incredible and life changing invention: The Bubble Wrap Bike.

And when this most beautiful thing happened. 

RIP bubble wrap. You will never be forgotten...


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