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What do people typically want out of a Game of Thrones parody? A nice wig, some costumes, a good Sean Bean reference? It all helps.

The Nerdist just combined two of our great loves in life and we couldn’t be more into it. Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” meets George R.R Martin meets the high-pitched noise of us squealing in delight is the highlight of the day.

"Dragons, dwarves, castles, kings—I could pen you incredible scenes" and "you know I love Kingslayers and you love Game of Thrones" are probably the best lines ever sung to the tune of "Blank Space" (other than the original of course) .

The song essentially spoofs George R.R Martin's obsession with offing fans' favourite characters and, even though we know it's not really George, we can't help but feel like he is taunting us through the song.


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