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Guys Thrashing on tiny pink instruments

If your Dad had more fun with your Christmas presents than you this year, then you might be able to relate a little bit to this video. The guys from Pasquale Custom Guitars in Chicago have a passion for music, that they love showing off with any instrument - including a tiny pink guitar and drum set.

Guys Thrashing on tiny pink instruments

In the video below, the duo give presumably some of their own little pink products a test drive by rocking out with a Slayer-inspired riff for about a minute and a half. The little girl in the purple swimsuit running back and forth (who we assume the instruments were intended for) is what totally makes it.

Headphones are recommended; the gnarly thrashing of the little pink drums almost drowns out the shredding on the little pink guitar and we wouldn't want you to miss a little pink thing.


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