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Taylor and Larsen

We love a good dance, here at Popbuzz. Just ask anyone. We've covered the dance "twins" Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson before, but they're back with a new Beyoncé-themed video and we couldn't be more here-for-it if we tried. 

11 year old Taylor and 14 year old Larsen have been dancing together under the tutelage of famed choreographer Janelle Ginestra for a number of years now. The pair have performed dances to songs like "Feeling Myself" and "IDFWU" and now Queen Bey's "Run The World (Girls)" is on the agenda for the girls. 


Okay seriously, I can't even walk up a fight of stairs without having to take a 10 minute break. How these girls are doing these high impact moves is surely magic trick of some sort. 

Either way, we're loving everything Taylor and Larsen are coming out with. More, please! 

Watch the incredible dance video below


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