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Emoji Movie Posters

Movies, emoji, and Tumblr: Three of our favourite things. 

And we honestly can't believe it took someone this long to combine them so effectively; but the results are amazing.

Emoji Movie Posters

Appearing in the Tumblrverse this week is a new blog called "Emoji Films", the premise of which is simple: somebody is recreating their own versions of iconic movie posters, using nothing but necessary logos and fonts, and the wide library of emoji at their fingertips.


Some of them are hilariousy spot on.

Emoji Movie Posters


Some are close enough.

Emoji Movie Posters


Some have taken a more minimalist approach.

Emoji Movie Posters


And some look like they could honestly be an official alternative poster for the movie.

Emoji Movie Posters

(Sidenote: Can you actually imagine how Clueless would have gone down if Cher Horowitz had access to emoji?!)

We're definitely gonna be keeping our eye on this blog. To see even more awesome emoji posters, follow the Emoji Films Tumblr here.


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