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Troye Sivan "Blue Neigbourhood" Teaser

With more artists creating "visual albums" and narrative arcs in their music videos, it was only a matter of time before a less conventional musician gave it a try. And we're really glad that the first is going to be Troye Sivan.

The YouTuber-turned-musician's new album WILD is still in pre-order phase, but we've been given our first glimpse of what to expect from Troye's accompanying music videos this week. Troye released the teaser for video trilogy "Blue Neighbourhood" on his channel just a few days ago - and the fan hype is SO huge, that it already has over a million views.

The three-video narrative looks as though it's going to tell the story of the friendship and eventual relationship between two young boys, as they grow up together and eventually become more intimate with age. Which, honestly, is the kind of representative story that we need in music videos.

"'Blue Neighbourhood' is a trilogy of music videos that accompany WILD, and is very very close to my heart," Troye writes in the description. "this whole project has been such a dream come true for me, and i hope you all love it as much as i do. love is love, yo."

We can't wait, Troye!!


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