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What do you get when you cross Tom Hiddleston, a puppy, and Christmas music? Life. That's what you get.

Video evidence that Tom Hiddleston and a puppy is everything that you could possibly ever need in life surfaced yesterday on YouTube when user Joanne Gardner posted the video of Rodney Crowell and Tom Hiddleston taking a break in the studio.

The pair are working on the soundtrack for an upcoming film written and directed by Marc Abraham entitled I Saw The Light.

Tom appears in the video holding a dog named Mono and singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Thankfully the dog seems fairly calm, likely not realising that it was being held by actual Loki.

Some people on Twitter pointed out that this is not Tom Hiddleston's first run in with a puppy.

Watch this video and see how long you can keep your heart from melting.


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