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Chocolate Cereal Cakes

It has just emerged that some industry Chocolate Experts (where can we apply for this job?) have announced "a potential cocoa shortage by 2020"


(via 24.media

We know, we know.

But before you start weeping into your Twix and heading to Tescos to stockpile up on Rolos, make sure you're doing it to some appropriately themed music. Check out our #RIPchocolate playlist below.

 1. David Bowie - 'Is There Life On Mars?'

2. Hot Chocolate - 'It Started With A Kiss'.

3. Shanks & Bigfoot - 'Sweet Like Chocolate'.

 4. Tay Zonday - 'Chocolate Rain'.

5. Kylie Minogue 'Chocolate'.

6. The 1975 'Chocolate'.

7. The Doors - 'The End'.

Now go forth and stockpile.


(via @postcron)


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