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Everybody Knows Sh*t F*ck Dance

We love when the internet leaks out into the real world. And by that we mean when something so unexplainable and devoid of context happens in front of you that all you can do is stand back and say:

Take for example, this video captured on the streets of Berlin. You have a man in sort-of glam rock garb, playing heavy and loud synth-pop while repeatedly growling what sounds like "EVERYBODY KNOWS SH*T F*CK" into the mic and doing a little angry kick dance.


The "everybody knows shit fuck" dance

A video posted by Louisa Menke (@louisaamenke) onDec 12, 2014 at 1:28am PST


We've found the context of this angry busker though, and it's actually pretty interesting. Turns out the full song (actually titled 'Sh*t's F**ked'),  is a full-length song on American political corruption by Stephen Paul Turner, or 'SPT' - the guy from the video above. He's an American artist living in Berlin, and judging from the lyrics of the song, it's not hard to see why.

We found the full track on SPT's Bandcamp; It's a bit autotune-heavy and the content borders on Truthism, but it can be yours from just €1.


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