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Ed Sheeran/Taylor Swift

Whether they're your ultimate friendship goals, or you ship them, or you just listen to "Everything Has Changed" non-stop, there's no denying that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran work really well together.

And it turns out they're probably a bit more musically compatible than we realised. Anyone with an ear for music might have already spotted some similarities between Ed's "Photograph" and Tay's 1989 track "Clean"; and after her amazing Halsey/Rihanna mashup caught our ears last week, we perused the Tumblr of musician Gráinne Fahy to check out some more of her awesome mashup work, where we stumbled upon this gem.

It's more of a side-by-side playback than a full mashup, but the fact that both songs sit so well together just proves that we need some more Ed/Taylor collabs in the very near future.



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