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A still from SNL's "10,000 Tweets" sketch

This weekend's 'Saturday Night Live' cut us internet-obsessed folks right down to size.

In a sketch featuring guest stars Woody Harrelson and Edward Norton, the SNL gang had an all-singing, all-dancing celebration in honour of a girl posting her 10,000th Tweet. Because doing so is SUCH a big deal.

Personally we don't find 10,000 THAT impressive, given that your average Directioner can knock that out in an afternoon.


But according to SNL, reaching this magic Twitter milestone will get you recognition from the mayor...


...Ed Norton will want to make out with you...


...and God will appear.


(Totally not Woody Harrelson, definitely God).

The sketch will either put things in perspective in regards to the way we all obsess over social media, or it will give you a new and unrealistic goal for your account.

We picked the latter. So if you'll excuse us, while you watch the full sketch below we have some work to do over on our Twitter. Only 9,700 to go...

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