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We have to believe that that when Shia LaBeouf stood in front of a green-screen and yelled different versions of "JUST DO IT!", he knew the internet would react in a pretty predictable manner. But none of us could have expected just how amazing that reaction would be.

Shia's collaborative #INTRODUCTIONS project, with the intent of providing introductions for the art projects of Central Saint Martins students, has been hijacked by video editors everywhere, turning a particularly animated part of the 30-minute video into parody gold. Now countless videos of Shia yelling his accidental new catchphrase are about to be your new Monday motivation.

You can watch Shia LaBeouf give the most motivational TED Talk ever.



Not motivational enough? Try this one (with sloths in space!).


Or if you're feeling patriotic, Shia LaBeouf motivates AMERICA.


And remember when Shia motivated the Avengers, and was also the Hulk?


Or when Jedi ghost Shia motivated his young Padawan Luke Skywalker?


Also he does a killer Haka.


And of course, Shia's new catchphrase became an iconic company slogan. 


 Pfft, sellout.

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