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BBHMM Snake Game

Because it's been far too long since you've either listened to Rihanna's new track or played with a Nokia phone, Italian magazine NSS have created their own game of Snake based on RiRi's "Bitch Better Have My Money". And since we've been addictively playing it all morning, it only makes sense that we pretend we're actually getting some work done by sharing it with you.

You play as a chibi Rihanna (or "Sita" if you're doing the 2-player version) and just like regular Snake, you scoot around the screen picking up money emojis (as well as some other boosts) as your trail of blood grows longer and longer behind you. Don't run into yourself though, or it's Game Over...



BBHMM Snake Game


Getting longer...

BBHMM Snake Game


Oh God the pressure

BBHMM Snake Game



BBHMM Snake Game


We're too ashamed to reveal our high score, but you can try and do better than us by playing the game on NSS Mag's site.


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