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The Chainsmokers Setting Fires

Twitter went into a meltdown yesterday when Zayn, the artist formally known as Zayn Malik, dropped the tracklisting for Mind of Mine.

Holy. Shit. Who knew song titles over a picture of some sperm could cause such a fuss? Well here's what went down.


1) Tru.

2) We were all thinking it.

3) Our face when we saw "Lucozade" on the list.


4) Someone get this person an inhaler.


5) "BeFoUr" and "rEaR vIeW", obviously.


6) Hun, it's not that bad.


7) It's a valid question tbf.


8) dO wE ReAlLy HaVe tO tHo?


9) Some people had other priorities.


10) But this tweet summed it all up.


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