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It's been all but confirmed that Zayn and Gigi (Zigi for short) are definitely a thing. Flirty @ messages, a nonstop paparazzi timeline of Zayn leaving Gigi's apartment, an actual Italian photoshoot for Vogue. [*Queue X Files theme song*] The signs are there. 

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However, it's Zayn's latest...indiscretion that has finally and definitely confirmed everything. If you didn't know that Zayn and Gigi were a thing, well you definitely know now. 

It's official, guys. Zayn, quite literally, has no chill.

We're not the only ones who think that. Zayn's mentions have been blowing up with people who would also like Zayn to find some chill. 

The tweet was pretty amusing, but what happens when you're kind of woke and realize that it's low key gross and disrespectful...

Okay Zayn. We see you, playa. ZIGI lives. Now please, please, please locate yourself a nice refreshing glass of chill. 


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