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We all know the feel. 

Things between you and bae are getting pretty hot and heavy; clothes a little disheveled, hands everywhere. And, of course, there are the love bites. It just comes along with the teenage hormone territory. Usually these rendezvous aren't known to turn deadly but Mexican news paper, Hoy Estado de Mexico is reporting a completely eerie death as a result of a hickey. 

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Seventeen year old Julio Gonzalez died after receiving a love bite from his 24 year old girlfriend, reports Hoy Estado de Mexico. His family say that, after returning home with the bruise on his neck, he began having convulsions. His family called paramedics to try and save him but his eventual cause of death was noted as a stroke. 

His family believe that, although extremely rare, the clot caused by the love bite traveled to his brain and caused the medical anomaly. YEESH. 

Although it certainly isn't an every day occurrence, similar cases have made international news. In 2011, a 44 year old New Zealand woman was rushed to the hospital after nearly dying from a love bite as well. Her own clot was dangerously close to a vital artery and ended up travelling to her heart. Luckily she was able to recover. 

You hear all that kids? BE SAFE. Keep the necking to a MINIMUM. 



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