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Taylor and Tom Ship Name

RIGHT. LISTEN. We've had enough of this ship name drama! Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all.

When a new celebrity relationship dawns upon the internet, the first and most important thing that everyone needs to establish is the ship name. Earlier this week, Taylor Swift and her new beau Loki of Asgard manifested from thin air on a rock in Rhode Island (Or Nashgard, if you will...) and the internet went CRAZY.

via eonline.com

There now seems to be a bit of conflict surrounding their ship name, which is quite frankly tearing PopBuzz HQ apart. We've decided to hold a vote because we are a fair and just establishment and we believe everyone should have their say. (It's OBVIOUSLY Hiddleswift but... ok, whatever.)

See?!?! We told you... 

Anyway, here's the shortlist of nominees for Best Ship Name:


Ready? Vote for your favourite Hogwarts House ship name NOW and end the PopBuzz conflict...




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