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Panic! At The Disco But It's Better If You Do (Album Version)
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Start saving those pennies kids - Hot Topic are about to drop the ULTIMATE Suicide Squad cosplay.

Reddit, Warner Bros

The store have announced a brand new, exclusive line of tie-in clothing now available for pre-order and the range is outrageous!



You can get Harley Quinn's evening dress IRL.

Hot Topic

Or how about the classic look?

Hot Topic


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Hot Topic

Or maybe you are more of a Katana fan?

Hot Topic


And, of course, you just know that The Joker outfits are all there:

Hot Topic

Jared would be very proud!

The collection will be available in stores July 22nd and can be pre-ordered now via the Hot Topic website

Perfect for all of your Heathen frens.

Hot Topic


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