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Stranger Things Season Two Details

It's official! Everyone's favourite new binge worthy Netflix show is coming back with a second season and we can't contain our excitement! 


But what do we already know about the new season? The showrunners, the Duffer brothers did an interview with Entertainment Weekly just after the news dropped and revealed everything they've got planned for the second season. Brace yourselves, it's set to be even more wild than the first season! Here's everything we know so far:

1) Season two will be hitting Netflix next year. 

Netflix / via giphy.com

Stock up on your Eggo waffles, kids! The show will be returning to Netflix at some point in 2017. 

2) It's going to be longer than the first season. By one episode.

Netflix / via giphy.com

And the episodes will be titled: Madmax, The Boy Who Came Back To Life, The Pumpkin Patch, The Palace, The Storm, The Pollywog, The Secret Cabin, The Brain, The Lost Brother. Uuuhhhhh... who is the Lost Brother?! Who is coming back to life!? What is The Pollywog!? *cold sweat emoji*

3) Almost the entire cast from the first season will return to Hawkins, Indiana including Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard and Gaten Matarazzo.

Netflix / via giphy.com

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! Winona forever!

4) And if that wasn't enough to get you excited, four new characters are expected to join the upcoming season.

Netflix / via giphy.com

The Lost Brother has gotta be one of them, right? It better not be another Demogorgon. Seriously. According to the Duffer brothers, “there’s going to be a lot of new and interesting dynamics that we didn’t see in season 1.” Exciting!

5) Eleven *might* not be returning. 

Netflix / via giphy.com

If you've seen the finale, you're probably still a bit shook over Eleven's supposed fate. “We don’t know about Eleven,” says Ross Duffer. “We leave that up in the air.” :(

6) The show is being set a year in the future to account for the ages of the younger cast members.

Netflix / via giphy.com

The Duffer brothers have previously stated that they wanted the kids to grow with the series - like Harry Potter - and that would mean pushing timelines along to fit with their IRL appearances. At least we're keeping the gang all together!

7) They're going deeper into the Upside Down!

Netflix / via giphy.com

“We kinda just peeled back the curtain and revealed a tiny bit of the Upside Down,” says Matt. “So we definitely want to explore a little bit more. There’s a lot we don’t know about the Upside Down at the end of season 1.” #SHOOK

8) Fans wanted the show to become an anthology series like "American Horror Story" but it's not gonna happen.

Netflix / via giphy.com

The Duffer brothers explained that they had considered jumping ahead to a new decade but ultimately decided that "there’s still more story here [in the 1980s], there’s still things that are unresolved.” We're glad about it, tbh. We're not ready to leave 1983 yet!

9) Season 2 is going to be influenced by James Cameron's blockbuster sequels.

Netflix / via giphy.com

Season one had a heavy Steven Spielberg and Stephen King influence but season 2 will try to emulate Cameron's tactic of making sequels that stay true to the original yet bring enough originality to make them stand out.

10) There will be #JusticeForBarb.

Netflix / via giphy.com

Season 2 will be about dealing with the repercussions of what happened in Season one, so Barb will not be forgotten. GOOD. #JusticeForBarb

If you haven't yet binge watched the first season of Stranger Things, do it now. If you have, see you in 2017.


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