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Years & Years proposal

The cutest thing in the history of cutest things happened last night during Years & Years' Stockholm concert. 

It all started when Olly Alexander paused the show to bring Chris Stone, who has been working with the band as a 'drum tech' for one year, front of stage, telling fans that "he has a few words that he'd like to say."

Chris is a nervous wreck before he even begins speaking, telling the crowd that he's "bricking it" (bless you Chris), but he manages to pull himself together.

"There's a very special lady i'd like to bring out here tonight" he said. "You guys have put up with me for a year but she's put up with me for 13...."

Watch what happened:

And just like that there was a Years and Years marriage on the way. 

Congratulations to Chris and Ally and hats off to Olly Alexander for making it happen.


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