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Do you like podcasts?


Do you love Joe Suggs and Caspar Lee?


Do you know what a 'baggage claim banger' is?


Well you're about to find out, babes! Episode 7 of the PopBuzz Podcast has arrived and it's sounding F.I.E.R.C.E! 

This week Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee Skype in from L.A. and play a saucy game of 'Name That Fan Fic' with us. And yes, we read them Jaspar fan fic. We're filth pots. Don't @ us. 

Also in the episode, we chat about the morals of downloading leaked music, new technology to stop you using your phone at gigs (wut?) and Katie and Woody argue it out on 'Is It A Banger?' It's lit fam and you know it.

Listen to the podcast using one of the links below and don't forget to hit subscribe! Rumour has it subscribers are guaranteed a place in heaven, who knew?




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