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Hogwarts Sorting Hat

We've sorted all your faves into Hogwarts Houses so you don't have to! The Sorting Hat has spoken, and it's time to see the results...

Slytherin - cunning, ambitious and resourceful.

Slytherin Header

Kanye West: Kanye is out achieve his targets and ambitions by any means. He's not to be underestimated. Slytherins are all about self-preservation and you can't deny Kanye's efforts in that area of expertise. Plus, he really gets the Slytherin aesthetic. 

Zayn Malik: Because he just looks like that really hot Slytherin student that's always brooding at the back of the class, ok? Leave us alone.

Brendon Urie: Do you find it coincidental that he's the only original member of his band left? Hmmmm... interesting. And he's also posed with this snake so... 

Justin Bieber: Everyone knows that Justin was mentored into greatness by the Dark Lord of R&B himself, Usher. How do we know that the release of Purpose wasn't a just massive ploy to make us all his loyal subjects? Huh? 


Ravenclaw - witty, intelligent and smarter than you'll ever be.


Halsey: Ravenclaw is a house where artistic and colourful wizards thrive - Halsey would be their Queen.  

Lorde: She's intelligent, wise beyond her years, too clever for anyone to drag... Lorde is basically Ravenclaw personified.

Troye Sivan: He's too witty for this world, he looks really great in blue AND HE JUST RELEASED AN ALBUM CALLED *BLUE* NEIGHBOURHOOD, DUH! 

Zendaya: Let's be real - she's better than all of us. If Zendaya actually went to Hogwarts, she'd be Ravenclaw Head Girl in 0.2 seconds. 

Hufflepuff - loyal, hard working, patient and a pleasure to be around.

Hufflepuff Header1

Taylor Swift: Even though Taylor has Slytherin tendencies, she's a Hufflepuff at heart. She loves to give, she enjoys a good hug and she's one of the hardest working gals in the biz! How could someone who is so loyal to that many friends not be a Hufflepuff?!

Hayley Williams: Because even though we totally thought she'd have gone solo by now, she has remained loyal to her band - the mark of a true Hufflepuff.

Patrick Stump: Because he's a precious cinnamon roll. 

Ashton Irwin: Ash would definitely be a cute lil muggle born Hufflepuff. He's a chillaxed little bae with tons of patience and loyal to his friends. And he obviously would want to live next door to the kitchens. 


Gryffindor - brave, chivalrous and determined. 

Gryffindor Header

Nicki Minaj: All Anaconda puns aside, Nicki isn't a Slytherin. She's got the heart of a Gryffindor. She's courageous and she stands up for what she believes in, even if it gets her into trouble. She achieves her success by bettering herself, and not belittling others.

Harry Styles: Because he's got the mane of a Lion, innit. (But on a real, Harry is genuinely a Knight in floral suits. He's a very chivalrous lad.)

Ed Sheeran: Because he's a Weasley and all Weasley's end up in Gryffindor. #TruFacts

Tyler Joseph: He would literally die for Josh. Literally. LITERALLY. #TØPTillWeDie


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