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Pokemon Bath Bombs

Are you sick and tired of having to walk MILES to hatch your Pokemon Eggs on "Pokemon GO"? If yes, then we've got some good news for you. A new lord and saviour of Etsy has arrived and she has made Poke Egg baths bombs that explode to reveal a surprise Pokemon! 


The bathbombs, which have been created by Rebecca Lynn on Etsy, are also all made to order which means you can order a bunch of surprise Pokemon or you can totally hack your way into never seeing another Pidgey ever again in your life.

So, what Pokemon can you hatch in the comfort of your own bath? Rebecca's bath bombs contain Pikachu, Horsea, Lickitung, Weezing, Porygon, Squirtle, Caterpie, and Charizard to name a few.

The bath bombs are available to buy in small sets. A set of 6 eggs will set you back around £20 and a set of 3 is just over £10. Or, if you just want one surprise Pokemon Egg, it'll cost you £5.

If you're sick of the sight of Poke Eggs, Rebecca also makes Poke ball bath bombs!


This one also comes with surprise Pokemon inside!


Here are the who bath bombs in action, as expertly demonstrated by this Imgur user...

via imgur.com

... who hatched a Squirtle and a god damn Mewtwo.

via imgur.com

BRB, just gotta move some money around so I can catch 'em all.

via giphy.com

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