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Life is a bit different for us book lovers. We do weird things like sniff book pages and flip to the end before actually finishing. If you're someone who can't have too many books on the go, then you'll totally understand these feels. 

1) When you get a new book and you just have to smell the pages right away.

2) Or that feeling when someone asks for a book recommendation and you’re like “WHERE TO BEGIN, YOUNG GRASSHOPPER”

3) When your parents think you’re just texting and goofing off on your phone but you’re actually reading.

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4) The fact that your nightstand and bed always looks like a mini library.

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5) When you travel you always have to have 3 books with you: a main read, a backup, and a backup FOR your backup.

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6) Over the years you’ve developed some sort of weird book habit, like always flipping to the last page and reading the final sentence.

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7) Your face when people are shocked that you finished a book in one day. 

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8) You can vividly remember always reading in the dark after your bed time as a kid.

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9) That moment you hear someone talking about a book you’re obsessed with and you’re trying not to lose it.

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Them: "I love the Harry Potter Series"
You: "Oh sh*t boii, me too. What’s your favourite book?"
Them: "Oh, I meant the movies. I haven’t read the books"

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11) When someone asks you what your favourite book is and why


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