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Skinny jeans

You could probably say that the day you started wearing skinny jeans was the day you really started living. Now, you won't even look at a pair of jeans if the ankle isn't cutting off your circulation. Of course skinny jeans are an emotional roller coaster, so here are 10 things only people who are obsessed with skinny jeans will understand. 

1)That feeling when you pull on your skinny jeans and you feel like you're putting on your uniform.

2) But we all know the struggle of trying to take off that extra tight pair you reserve for special occasions.

3) When someone suggests you try a pair of boot cut jeans and you have to politely tell them"no way in hell".

4) All skinny jean lovers have experienced that moment when the jeans are too tight around the waist and your soul keeps trying to escape your body cuz it hurts a lil.

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5) Or that moment when you're wearing high waisted skinnies and you eat a good meal and you can't zip them back up. 

6) Feels good to know the squad are all in on the skinny jeans revolution.


7) That surreal moment when you realize you ONLY own skinny jeans.


8) You never buy a pair of shoes if they look awkward with your skinnies.

9) And when someone in your family makes some sly comment about them you just tell them whats up.

10) But most importantly, you know that, no matter what job you have in the future, it's skinny jeans 4 lyfe.


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