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Well this is some much-needed good news!

Nickelodeon's animated TV series Louse House has announced that it's decision to feature a same-sex, bi-racial couple into the show. It is a first for the children's network and we're BEYOND excited about it. Watch a sneak clip of the cute couple below.

The couple are Harold and Howard McBride, parents of Clyde McBride. The characters are voiced by comedians Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald. The show, which is only in it's first series, follow Lincoln Loud, who is struggling being the only boy in a family where he is outnumbered by his 10 sisters. Clyde is one of Lincoln's friends.

LGBTQ+ characters in mainstream culture are an important step towards greater visibility for LGBTQ+ community. Getting kids used to the idea that some parents are gay - and that's totally normal - is a small step towards greater acceptance. 

Well done, Nickelodeon! 




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