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Neko Atsume cakes 2

If you're not a cat collector I really don't know what to say to you. Neko Atsume has been our obsession for quite some time with no end in sight. We love it so much that it's starting to spill over into other aspects of life. Specifically our food fantasies. Neko Atsume is fully integrated into our foodie fantasies and the reason is about to become very obvious. 

1) First thing is first, this Neko Atsume macaroon cake is out of this world.


A photo posted by PopBuzz (@popbuzz) onMar 4, 2016 at 12:57pm PST


2) But guarenteed this cake will have you feeling some type of way.


3) Don't even get me started on these babies...

4) And, I mean.......

5) Couldn't be more down for this, tbh.

image via Reddit

6) Omg, hi though.

7) I demand a Neko Atsume latte handed to me in every room I walk into.

image via sociorocketnewsen

8) But Neko cakes obviously reign supreme.

image via reddit


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