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Stranger things Dazed Magazine

Another day, another cover shoot for the incredible kids of Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and Finn Wolfhard (Mike) - along with their cast mates - have been hard at work promoting their incredible new series across the globe. There's been interviews, premieres, photo shoots, award shows... and the kids just managed to score ANOTHER cover shoot, this time with Dazed magazine and it's absolute FLAWLESS.

Here's Millie's cover:


And here's Finn's cover:


It doesn't end there though. There's six more flawless pictures in Millie's shoot.


And another six in Finn's - and they're SO AMAZING!


Check out Finn's cover story at Dazed here. And find Millie's here.

Honestly, truly, officially the coolest kids in Hollywood. 

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