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Yesterday, we let you all know that Emo Prince Gerard Way has arrived on to the Snapchat scene in the most spectacular fashion. We're talking snaps of his cuppa, snaps of his carpet and the overuse of those annoying X-men filters. Such a dream.

But now we have a development in the story because his lil' baby bro Mikey just hopped on board! Add away, friends!

But are the snaps as good as Gee's official debut? Let's investigate... 

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via giphy.com 

He kicked things off with a picture of his cat. A standard snapchat n00b move, but still cute.

He's veeeerrrrryyyy ~sporty~... 

But like, Mikey's use of emojis and filters are on point so 10 points to Slytherin, we guess!


Ugh, what even was life until a few days ago?! How long do we have to wait for them to do that double dog filter together?! #SendSelfies




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