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Melanie Martinez Proposal

Adele's done it, Troye Sivan even helped a fan come out to their mum on stage and now Melanie Martinez has helped a couple get engaged at her show in Sydney, Australia!

Oooh, how romantic! Proposing to your one true love with the help of your other one true love, your favourite musician. That's exactly what happened to Joshua Parsons from Aus this week and there's a pic to prove it.


Look how happy they look, look how happy Melanie looks! We're not crying, you are.

It looks like the couple were lucky enough to meet Melanie in a much more intimate meet and greet setting, where Joshua then popped the question. 

Fans of Melanie took to Twitter show their support to the newly engaged couple too - so much love!


Please, please, please say there's a video somewhere! We're dying!!! 

via giphy.com


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