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Meghan Trainor Fall

What do you do when you fall flat on your back live on National TV? YOU STYLE IT OUT LIKE A BO$$! Let Meghan Trainor show ya how it's done!

Trainor took to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night where she performed her new single, "Me Too" for the very first time. You know the song, the one with the video that started the whole photoshop saga of the past week? Yeah, that one. It's infuriatingly catchy!

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Anyway, after killing it mid-song with a dance break, Meghan's towering heels committed the ultimate betrayal and she hit the stage.

As she spun to catch the mic, her ankles gave way under the spell of those devil shoes and she DROPPED.

NBC / via uproxx.com

We. can't. stop. watching.


But gurl, she styled it out so hard that Fallon even got on the floor to conduct the after performance chit chat! 

If you can't laugh at yourself, how the hell you gon' laugh at somebody else?! RIGHT?!



Watch the entire performance below, and witness the drop at 3:40.

Slay, tbh.


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