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DID YOU KNOW? Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar last night??? 

It's absolutely nowhere on the news so we doubt you would have known. *smirk*

~*~ conceal, don't feel ~*~

Here he is, white-knuckling that Oscar like he was on the most unpredictable and life threatening rollercoaster of all time. 

Leo DiCaprio Oscar

Getty Images

But did you notice anything... strange or slightly off about this picture? Let's look closer...

Is it the bow tie? Maybe?

Leo Oscar Zoom 1

Getty Images

Let's get a little closer? 

Is it the red string? His shirt button? WHAT IS IT?!

Leo DiCaprio Oscar Zoom 2

Getty Images

Wait... WHAT?! 

PopBuzz / Getty Images

Do you think he knows how memes work?


You ain't slick, Leo...



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