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Homecoming asset

Unless you're a person with massive amounts of confidence and social status, you've probably experienced the dread-inducing fear that no one will ask you to "the dance". Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom--they're all dates on a calendar and opportunities to be caught flying solo. 

Joe Larue didn't want to leave anything to chance so he did the most logical thing that you wish you'd thought of. He asked himself to Homecoming.

Joe admitted that since he didn't "trust any girls", he would take his number 1 to Homecoming this year. In the style of those ridiculous "promposals", Joe showed up to his own house armed with Chicken from Canes and a cheesy sign. 

His reaction was priceless.

Joe Larue/Twitter

Somehow we think Joe may have started a movement

Ask yourself to Homecoming. Ask yourself to Prom. Ask yourself for your own hand in marriage.


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