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Somewhere in FOB-land, Pete Wentz is shaking his fists at Kimye while laughing maniacally at the failings of the Illuminati. In what seemed to be an original choice of baby name, a clash of the celebrity baby saints has emerged. We’re gonna let you finish Kimye, but Pete Wentz had the best baby name of all time!

Kanye Wentz

Twitter was so quick to notice the unoriginal BLOOP on Kimye's part and reacted accordingly, and hilariously:





Now listen, we're not about pitting babies against each other here at PopBuzz HQ but this little blip on the otherwise immaculate radar of Yeezus made us wonder... is Kanye actually plotting to become the new Pete Wentz??! Is he itching for more coverage on Pop-Buzz.com?! What if he tries to steal even more of Pete's swag?

What if his next move it to steal his hair?! #KanyeWentz

Kanye Pete Wentz 2

Or what if he tries to steal Pete's style aesthetic? #ThnksFrThYzys

Kanye Pete Wentz 3

WHAT IF HE TRIES TO STEAL PETE'S BANDMATES?! #FallOutYeezus "'Cause I ain't no boy... I'M A GOD!"

Kanye Pete Wentz 4



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