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Justin Bieber has just entered the ring. And he's sitting firmly in Kanye's corner. 

Just when you thought the internet was over all that #KimExposedTaylor drama that happened a few weeks ago, the original Drama King himself Justin Bieber has just weighed in to ignite the feud for a 100th time. 

Earlier today (Aug 2), he posted this innocent snap to Instagram. Here he is face-timing Kanye and a few friends. 

Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Instagramvia instagram.com/JustinBieber

He captioned the shady snap: "Taylor Swift what up" 

*skull and snake emojis x10000*

And because the internet feeds off any and every kind of shady drama, they have gone WILD. 



Even Martin Garrix felt the need to chime in!


All chill has been lost.


What do you think guys? Is it time to put this Taylor Swift nonsense to bed? It's starting to get a little mean now, right? We kinda feel bad. 

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