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Disney Channel Outtakes

Remember those iconic Disney channel promos? The ones you spent HOURS trying to copy, wondering how how the HELL they got those wands to shoot glitter and draw that mouse shape? Was that some kind of secret Disney magic that only a handful of us will ever get to experience? 

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Weeeell, those old promos have just gone viral. Only this time, it's the outtakes and they're about to be the most awkward thing you'll see all day. SPOILER: Not everyone managed to nail it like Miley.

Have you ever seen ANYTHING more awkward than Hilary Duff looking the camera dead in the eye, waving a green wand? The answer is no.


Beans from Even Stevens literally can't draw those mouse ears to save his life. 


Tia and Tamera did their absolute best. 


Kyle Massey from That's So Raven SERRRRVED it!


Honestly, Lalaine from Lizzie Maguire just wasn't here for it.




You've honestly never experienced pure awkwardness until you've seen Raven's outtakes.


No... YOU'RE watching the Disney Channel.



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