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NEW HAIR DYE TREND ALERT! We love a good hair dye trend here at PopBuzz HQ but we don't think we've ever quite obsessed over one as much as this eye catching Snapchat-esque look from the stylists at Not Another Salon in London. 

Their entire Instagram is chock full of bright hair dye creations; there's pastel inspo, there's sunset inspo and there's even some half and half Melanie Martinez realness lurking amongst the squares. But we aren't here to talk about those looks today. We're here to talk about - and obsess over - Hidden Rainbow Hair.

It's SO bold, it almost looks like those neon clip in hair extensions that we all used to be obsessed with was kids. We want it.


We imagine the look will take a helluva while to achieve and will probably involve A LOT of stripping and bleaching before it's ready to make those bold colours pop but daaaaaaamn, just wait until you see the final look - it's totally worth it! 



The dye doesn't even go all the way around to the edges so it'll remain completely hidden unless you wanna rock a half top knot - or if you end up getting caught in a gust of wind. 

By far the most insane version of Hidden Rainbow Hair we've ever seen. Sign us up. Summer '17. We're all over it!

via giphy.com 


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