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Glass Animals Season 2 Episode 3
Harry Styles Haircut

MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS! CALL YOUR MOTHERS AND SAY YOUR GOODBYES! The first pictures of Harry Styles' new haircut have arrived and the internet is slowly imploding on itself!

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Ever since Harry posted THAT Instagram shot of his long brunette plait no longer attached to his head, we've all been waiting for the inevitable paparazzi shot of his new do.


A photo posted by @harrystyles onMay 6, 2016 at 9:36am PDT


But you know... hats exist so we didn't get one.


BUT THANKS TO THE GODS OLD AND NEW, new pictures have emerged from the set of his new movie 'Dunkirk' and the hair has finally been unveiled!


SIDENOTE: There was around 30 girls surrounding the set of the movie and not a single one of them had a quality compact camera with an optical zoom. Smh. iPhones will get you nowhere. 

RIP everyone!


Anyway, here's some more pics of future Academy Awards Nominee Harry Styles in costume.



Directioners are reporting that THIS picture - which the internets originally thought was 'shopped - is in fact a real life genuine photo of Harry and his new hair. He reportedly attended the funeral of celebrity photographer Matt Irwin in London today (May 17). 


And there you have it. SHORT HAIR HARRY HAS RISEN!


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