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Snape Patronus Lamp

Between the sad loss of Alan Rickman earlier this year and the heart-wrenching flashbacks that happen in our brains every time someone says the word 'Always', we've been crying wizard tears for five straight years. And now, thanks to the internet, we can carry on crying about everything in the comfort of soft light and Doe patronuses.

The good folks at ThinkGeek have created a "Snape Patronus" lamp and you're gonna want it immediately.

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To Muggles it looks like a cute silver lamp with a cut out Bambi perched on top. But when someone utters the Lumos charm...

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...It casts a shadow of Snape's Doe Patronus along with the word, "Always". *heart breaks*

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Honestly, how DARE you?! After all this time? REALLY? It's still too soon!

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To be honest, we've never seen something so beautiful in all our lives. Once you've stopped crying, you can buy the lamp right here.

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