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Harry Potter

Remember that time Hagrid came to rescue Harry Potter from his cruel Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon? 


Bless him! 

Well, the house where Harry famously slept under the stairs is now up for sale! Yep, 4 Privet Drive is on the market. 


The original location is a three-bed house in Bracknell, UK and it's on the market for £475,000 ($619,000). 


It was in 2001 that the unassuming property was chosen to be the location of Harry's home. It's had a bit of refurb since Harry was last sleeping under the Dursleys roof.


It was last sold for £292,000 ($380,000) in 2010. It's been sold twice since the first film, with owners hoping to cash in on the iconic films. Who can blame them tbh.


After the first film, a set was used for the rest of the series, so the house only features in the first film. Still, kinda crazy to imagine walking among the walls of a genuine piece of cinematic history. 


Guess we better start saving our pocket money then.


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