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If you're spending the holidays with your family this year, I promise there is no need to despair. Sure, most of your extended family members are weird, old, and politically incorrect, but I promise that you can make it through this. 

Here is everything you need to survive the holidays at home. 

1) Strong wifi  

Don't let them trick you into spending quality time with them just because the internet is slow. It's *clap* a *clap* trap *clap*.  

2) S N A C K S   F O R   D A Y S 

3) A prepared, well researched, and extensive list of TV and films to catch up on.

Netflix. Hulu. Amazon Prime. Love yourself, sis.

4) Practiced answers for the inevitable probe into your personal life by weird relatives. 

5) A smooth exit plan for when people start talking politics

6) Somewhere to go in the morning so you don't get cabin fever and go buckwild on your fam. 

7) A sibling that will exchange glances with you when someone says something crazy stupid.

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8) Noise canceling headphones (sidebar: why do mom's always wake up at the ass crack of dawn to vacuum/stay up late moving stuff around? Someone explain.)  

9)  Booze.


10) Aaaaand, your hometown squad, of course.

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