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After The Afterparty  (feat. Lil Yachty) by Charli Xcx

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Charli Xcx After The Afterparty (feat. Lil Yachty)
Halsey asset

If it wasn't already obvious before, we've kind of got a thing for Halsey. The 21 year old singer continues to blow us all away with her talent and general coolness. It seems like we're not the only one trapped in a glass case of Halsey love because all you lovely vine edit experts have pulled out all the stops when it comes to our dear Hals. 

1) Girl, yes!

2) M a r r y  M e.

3) Just slay my whole damn life, Halsey.

4) Heart eyes!!!

5) Halsey X Bey??? Yes please

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6) You know what? I ship it.

7) More heart eyes, tbh



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