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 Chuck and Blair gossip girl

It's been four long and painful years since our immaculately dressed friends on the Upper East Side waved goodbye to us in the Gossip Girl finale and even though we've tried to fill the large Chuck and Blair shaped hole in our hearts, no TV series' have quite come through... 

BUT fans - we have some exciting news. The possibility of a GG reunion just become one step closer to reality... 

OMG! The PopBuzz Podcast has arrived and it's savage AF! Listen now...

In a new interview with E! Serena van der Woodsen aka Blake Lively aka queen of everything did not rule out a reunion, admitting 'it would be fun' and she 'misses it sometimes'... And that's good enough for us. 

I don’t know, it would be fun. I mean we had such a great time doing that, that I think we would all really enjoy it.

Blake Lively

On top of that, the show's executive producer Josh Shwartz said; 'We haven't really explored some of those conversations. Maybe, I don't know. We haven't really thought about it.'

'Maybe?' Well, that's not a no then.


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