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Reports emerged yesterday that Dr Luke's girlfriend Jessica James has openly mocked Kesha on Instagram.

In a seriously scum-of-the-earth move, it is alleged that Jessica uploaded a photo of herself which closely resembles an Instagram post by Kesha.

The offending photo appears to mock a post in which Kesha said she had been offered a release from her recording contract ONLY if she denounced the rape allegations she had made against her former music producer and manager. You can see the pictures below and judge for yourself. 

The post is captioned: "So. The problem with weaving distorted WEBS, is sometimes you get tangled in them. #TRUTH #SMH #WeGood #Shade"

Jessica's Instagram account is private, as is her Twitter, so we cannot verify if the post is real. Her website weheartyoga.com also appears to be down. 

If this post is real, this would be a serious douchebag move. There's a very big difference between supporting your loved ones and deliberately antagonising a victim of sexual assault. Nobody should have to explain that difference. Urgh.



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