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If you're fresh off your Disney Channel Original Movie marathon then there's no doubt you'll be thinking the exact same thing as us right now. "Whatever happened to those amazing fashion trends that once graced my childhood?"

Long gone are the days when we all used to scramble in H&M over an outfit that was somewhat similar to something Hannah Montana was wearing the week before (...or was it Miley? I guess we'll never know!) Remember when we could get away with wearing head to toe tie dye? Ugh, take us back! 

1) Whatever happened to mixing the entire colour wheel in one outfit?

Disney / via pinterest.com

If you could pull off a look like this, you were a dead cert for Best Dressed at the school disco. But for many of us, it is now totally unacceptable because we only exclusively wear black.

2) Hands up if you agree that the bandana renaissance needs to speed it's lil' butt up.

Disney / via bustle.com

Bring. Back. The. Bandana! Not just the cute little top knot vibe that seems to be knocking around today. We're talking full-on Lizzie McGuire realness. Oh, and while we're here, let's talk about grafitti'd tank tops too.

3) Remember when the only way to beat the fashion trends was by wearing them all at once?

Disney / via tumblr.com

And here we have a vintage Selenerrrr wearing a quirky cardigan, an oversized double buckle belt, a statement necklace, chunky bracelets, chunky rings, dangly earrings, a tartan ruffled mini skirt, pop socks aaaaaand what looks like some heeled lace up faux-Timberlands. #FASHION

4) Layering was the ONLY major key to fashion success.

Disney / via giphy.com

A basic tee worn over an unbuttoned shirt in contrasting print. Throw on an argyle print cardigan and top it off with a loosely fitted tie. No colour scheme necessary. Ahhh, simpler times.

5) And on that note... LOOSELY FITTED TIES!

Disney / via pinterest.com

Props to the Disney Channel for keeping this iconic Pop Punk look alive for all these years. More effort needs to be made to make sure the iconic loosely fitted tie never leaves the wardrobe of an experimental teen. EVER!

6) Three words. BLOW. UP. BACKPACKS.

Disney / via MTV.com

If anyone knows of any high street stores that still sell these, then @ us IMMEDIATELY! (Uh, and that pink camo tank top... plz come back!)

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7) WIGS! Never underestimate a good wig to lift your look to a whole 'nother level. (Amiright, Miley!?)

Disney / via giphy.com

Kylie Jenner maybe serving that faux look real good right now, but no one has managed to pull off the wig as well as Miley back in the HM glory days. NO ONE.

8) The head to toe pink sequin look died a long time ago and we regret ever sending it to an early fashion grave.

Disney / via pinterest.com

Not even Zendaya or Bella could revive what Sharpay Evans once rocked so flawlessly and confidently in her everyday wardrobe. Bless their hearts for trying. Today's fashion doesn't deserve pink sequins.


Disney Channel / via giphy.com

There is literally a waistcoat in every single Disney Channel TV show and/or movie. That alone is definitive proof that they need to make a comeback - especially the pinstripe ones... Boardroom realness.

10) Matching tracksuits for you and your entire squad.

Disney / via tumblr.com

Nothing says, "Don't mess with my squad" like matching velour tracksuits where each person had their own assigned colour. The Cheetah Girls showed us how it was done and we've never seen such majesty since. #BringBackTheSquadTracksuit

11) Overloading your head with hair accessories

Disney / via popsugar.com

Come throoouuuugghh with those Claire's Accessories gems, punk Lizzie!

12) Hats, hats, all types a' hats. Green ones, slouchy ones, multicoloured knitted ones

Disney / via tumblr.com

Fedoras tho. If anyone can bring them back, it's the Disney Channel. 

13) And you know what... whatever happened to just like, throwing on some damn formal wear and dressing up in general??

Disney / via giphy.com

These days it's all ripped skinny jeans and plaid shirts. Shame. Tyreesha is judging you.


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