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Raise your hand if you've seen Carmilla. If not - what are you doing with your life??? 

Here's the tl;dr version: Camilla is a 300-year-old vampire, let loose within the not-so-hallowed grounds of Silas University in Styria, Austria. The university is the epicentre of all things supernatural and creepy, so when girls start disappearing under suspicious circumstances, no one bats an eyelash. No one, except for Laura (our protagonist). 

The plucky, kind of nerdy first-year - think of her as a mini Willow Rosenberg - sets about investigating the disappearance of her roommate, along with a bunch of other female coeds. All of the incidents coincide with the appearance of... drumroll please... Camilla Karnstein. She may or may not be a vampire. 

Seriously. Go catch up.


Despite the fact that Carmilla's like, 300 years older than Laura (her love interest, I warned you about spoilers) and that's literally Twilight levels of creepy, I still ship these two like FedEx.


They've just taught me so much about love, ya know? For example:

1) You should always be careful in new relationships. You never know who's trying to eat you (and not in the good way.)

2) Between nosy neighbours and giant fish monsters trying to kill you, make out opportunities are few and far between. Use them well.

3) Holiday traditions are so important.

4) Even if yours are a little... different.

5) You don't have to put up with their crankiness all the time.

6) Stealing their food - maybe not the best idea.

7) Always stick up for them in a fight.

8) And when in doubt - just make out.


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